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Systematic promotion of sales

Many offers of disjointed individual seminars ignore the targeted development of relevant employee skills. Systematic funding aims at technical, methodical, personal and social skills. Broxum employee promotion is an instrument for training sales specialists to differentiate between different learning paths. The skills of the employees are systematically developed in theory and practice by means of coordinated learning goals.

Tailwind in sales

Sales specialists are the assets that are not on any balance sheet. They are the tailwind for customer-oriented product developments and company growth. If they convert their special knowledge into benefits, they are the decisive competitive advantage.

It is a process, not a one-off

Individual measures are not enough to develop specialists who convert their knowledge into benefits. Rather, it is an organized and systematic process that above all has to be followed consistently and sustainably. This requires continuous discussions, inquiries and concrete measures. The result is more than worth the effort.

Become a sales specialist in four phases

Through the BROXUM taxonomy (know, know, know how, manage) anchored in the further training process, your sales employees are systematically promoted in their competences and developed into specialists. We activate the personal resources of your employees as well as the team resources of sales and marketing. This enables us to increase the performance and the performance actually achieved.

The sales specialist - T-Shaped Professionals

Today's sales specialist needs so-called "T-Shaped Skills". This increases the value of his workforce, because only then will his competence profile be round. He combines the skills of a generalist as well as a specialist and has special knowledge in depth and a broad knowledge based on his special knowledge.