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If you want to use a content management system to update and expand your Internet company presence, you need a template - a so-called "design and structure template". The most important thing about a template should be the simple handling, the flexibility and the support. Google and other search engines do not really care whether the header is at the bottom or the top, or whether the slideshow is moving with great effects. The Internet is all about individual content and its readability.

Individual tamplates

Pixel-precise design and implementation: Absolute individual development and implementation of your company's corporate design. A decision for an individual layout or an individual "template" is a question of the budget or the expenditure for your website, or ... - your professional claim. When developing an individual layout, the time required is decisive and with it the costs. An individual template begins with the development of a basic layout (design drafts) up to the coordination of the fine layout and always tailored to the corporate design of your company. For this, the programming in PHP, HTML, CSS and Java Script must follow after the design. In the further planning, the functionality such as: form requests, slideshows and picture galleries must be coordinated.

Schedule: for medium-sized projects up to 6 months. When implementing a shop system, more than 1 year can be estimated, depending on the scope and type of technical requirements.

Third party templates

Cost-conscious and professional technology: A decision in favor of a template from a third-party provider is a question of the costs and the time required for the internet project. If you can do without pixel-perfect development of the layout, this is a very good solution. The costs for a layout (designs) and navigation are many times lower. We control the quality of the development (programming) of the template. Due to our good international contacts, we often buy a template abroad from designers (developers), fitting it to the corporate design of your company within a certain framework. Cost savings of up to 70%. The professionalism of the appearance is in no way inferior to an individual template development.

Timetable: for small and medium-sized projects from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the scope and type of company presentation.