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Shop online at any time of the day or night

Most people who have access to the Internet in the private sector also use the medium for shopping. Consumers appreciate online shops that they can shop here at any time of the day and are not tied to opening times. It also saves time when shopping online, which is a big plus in hectic everyday life. People with multiple burdens of work, family and household are particularly grateful for every opportunity to do their shopping faster. In addition, offers from different stores can be compared online much faster than if you personally visit branches.

Building on the pure CMS system (content management, to update the descriptive content without a direct sales function), the shop open source software offers the possibility of mapping direct purchase processes, i.e. the product presentation and the ordering process (purchase). There is the absolutely free version as well as the so-called dual license model which is offered for a fee. These differences are often referred to as Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

In general, the following can be stated: There are no longer any "bad" systems from the widespread systems. Each of the common systems has its right to exist and is often a question of the philosophy of the provider or your service provider. When planning in the eCommerce business, you should certainly take your corporate developments into account. Before selecting the software, the following questions should be answered beforehand:

Is the source code software stable and secure?
How many developers are working on the software?
Is the software expected to be developed in the long term?
How big and how communicative is the community?

Security in the online shop:

Surveys have shown that security is the most important criterion for customers when shopping online. After all, in most cases payment is made by credit card and personal details are disclosed during the ordering process. A note that it is a reputable provider should pay attention to the seal of approval. Examples of seals of approval are, for example, "Trusted Shops". "EHI certified online shop" or "S @ fer Shopping". It is important that sensitive data is only sent via an encrypted system. As a customer, you can recognize this secure connection by the fact that in the web address changes from "http" to "https". It also pays to read the reviews of other customers. For example, you can find out whether good customer service and fast shipping are offered.

The most common safety sign that customers pay attention to is a URL with "https" at the beginning and the small padlock next to it. Even if your online shop is secure, you have to show it of course! Implement all safety standards so that your customers feel comfortable. Make sure that your payment page matches the general design and concept of your shop and your brand, so you can also assure your customers that they are shopping safely - on the same website. Often the branding is missing on these pages and so the customers have feel like they’ve been redirected to another website. By designing your payment page with simple branding, such as your shop logo or color scheme, you’ll be able to convince more customers. However, potential customers will first consider which payment methods are available in your online shop and whether they are safe before you continue shopping.

Visual advantages in the online shop:

As is generally known, the best way to get the whole picture is to see all the important details, weigh them against each other and look at them in relation to each other. In principle, this happens with every purchase decision, both stationary and online. But especially in online shops, "natural zoom factors and full-screen modes" (ie stopping, touching, adjusting, rotating and turning products) are rather in short supply. Product detail pages with corresponding zoom functions, full-screen views, virtual fittings and product videos offer a great opportunity to virtually replace the haptic for customers.