Social networks, communities and blogs change the behavior of information, communication and buying in a sustainable way. Friends become customers and recommend your service or products to others, so you gain sales staff in the new customer business. No one can avoid social media marketing (SMM) today. A look at the numbers shows that 40 million Germans are active in social networks. 80% of 30- to 49-year-old Internet users regularly use the services of Facebook, Twitter & Co. Among the under 30-year-olds, it is even 96%!

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Co.

With intelligent social media marketing, you not only sell products and services once, but also turn customers into long-term brand fans. Social media enables you to communicate directly with existing or potential customers. In the long term, social media marketing is an indispensable part of modern communication strategies.


Competition for visibility and range

5 side effects for the introduction of a social media project in your company:

  • Make experts and expertise visible
  • Optimization of business processes and corporate culture
  • Increase the motivation of your employees
  • Evaluate innovations faster and bring them to the market
  • Increase profitability

Our recommendation:

Investments in the social media area should be clearly differentiated from the successes and analyzed. In addition to good monitoring tools, clear KPIs are required and a permanent documentation tool for the success development of social media engagement.

Social media tools: HootSuite, Brandwatch, Zyncro, webZunder. (The tools mentioned here are not recommendations or ratings.)