The value of a brand: Brands achieve higher total sales with comparative quality to "no-names". Even a doctor can become a "brand specialist", for example: "cardiac bypass" specialist. The proportion of private patients increases many times over. Building up to a brand pays off!


Corporate identity and corporate design

Are you a modern and efficient company?

Your corporate identity should stand out or differentiate itself from your competitors. Corporate identities are expressed in appearance, language, behavior, culture, goals and the role in which it plays. This provides an identification.

Companies are personalities. Companies striving for a successful and clear position in the market need a uniform appearance, which reflects the philosophy, the values ​​of your company. Their competencies and idiosyncrasies should be emphasized.

We design, influence and control corporate identities! Do not communicate, you will not be noticed. An important topic for existing customer loyalty!

In the course of our many years of practical experience in dealing with companies, we have repeatedly observed that even large medium-sized companies neglected the image of their external image. We can only point out again and again that the image of a company in the external image (e.g. the website) is a decisive factor in the purchase of your new customer business. 7 out of 10 prospective customers decide in advance for or against your company on the Internet.


Image, corporate culture and reputation

In the external presentation of your company, through writing, graphics, photographs and colors, the subconscious of your website visitors interprets your actions and behavior in problem situations, as well as your company's values. Your corporate culture shapes your company's reputation, which should be of lasting value. Your reputation (reputation) represents a positive intangible company value that contributes significantly to purchase decisions. Ensure your competitiveness by actively managing your reputation. It starts with a professional website.

A topic for new customer acquisition!


Brand building

Quality is the mainstay of a brand and its image: Position yourself as an absolute expert in your field. Step out of the masses. Generate credibility. Branding on the Internet does not go overnight and can only be achieved with regularity and consistency. Through positive "branding" you build long-term trust in your customers and you promote the branding of your name, your website and the name of your company on the Internet.

Keywords: corporate philosophy, corporate behavior, corporate culture, corporate communications, corporate strategy, corporate mission, corporate image.