You want to know something about a company or its products. Of course, you first consult the Internet and land on the page of the address you are looking for. It is decided within a few seconds whether the first contact will turn out well.


First contact

  • Does the company appear friendly and tidy to you?
  • Do you understand what you want to tell them?
  • Are you led by a thread through the wealth of information?
  • Can you leave a message in the right place?


The value of a website

As in classic advertising, the value of a website is based on the benefits for visitors and future customers. Offer your prospects "additional benefits", i.e. Your prospect should find "exactly this" information that he was looking for. Argue or describe the product or service benefit (added value), the profit that your prospect learns from your offer.

  • How do you present the benefits of your service and / or products in an Internet-friendly way?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Everything follows from these answers - we speak of the positioning of your products and services. It determines whether the visitor to your website can do something with the information received, save it correctly and, above all, save it positively.


Important questions you can ask yourself:

  • What are creeping processes that have a negative impact on your sales?
  • How do I improve my company's image?
  • What negative effects does social media have on your company?
  • What does your potential customer conclude from your external presentation on the Internet?