Get attention! Without actively addressing interested parties (attracting attention), you have no way of selling your services or products. Business expansion remains a dream. Advertising campaigns will help you to generate steady growth. From the idea to the concept and implementation of a campaign, we accompany you in all three areas.


Advertising campaigns online and offline

Many small and medium-sized companies still think:

  • Advertising doesn't pay off!
  • Advertising wastes energy!
  • We have been on the market for over 15 years, WITHOUT advertising!


Here are a few important reasons to advertise:

  1. You confirm your customer's decision.
  2. You increase your level of awareness and thereby increase your market share.
  3. You give your company a face.
  4. They reduce the inhibition threshold for buying decisions.
  5. You control your sales and sales increases.
  6. It starts with finding your company in the search engines - longtail marketing!


Online campaign

Over 80% of the information that affects us is filtered by our brain and classified as irrelevant, it does not penetrate into the subconscious. They are invisible and cannot sell profitable products or services. Become VISIBLE for your target group with an effective, profitable combination of Internet company presence, print media, trade fairs, eCommerce and social networks. It all starts with a professional website! More than 80% of buyers find out before buying online: The product, the company in general. The company page most frequently visited by buyers is the "Imprint". What do these facts tell you?


Here are some key facts:

  • The Internet is the information source NR .: 1 for your customers. 7 out of 10 prospective customers decide in advance for or against your company on the Internet
  • You are not only there, but also benefit from the profitable possibilities of a well-designed advertising campaign. The first impression counts! The objectives and control of each individual measure are therefore essential. If you want your advertising activities to pay off, you need to constantly review and critically review them.


How you can plan your advertising effectively, implement it inexpensively and control it properly.Successful advertising campaigns are based on the following principles:

  1. Corporate Design
  2. The USP (unique selling point)
  3. Determine target groups
  4. Public relations (PR)
  5. Use existing resources
  6. Define goals
  7. Develop strategies
  8. Determine the budget
  9. Select advertising instruments, advertising materials
  10. Check

The success of advertising often depends not only on a single advertising measure, but on the combination of several measures. Impatience is certainly a bad advisor.