Print advertising with added value

In times of digital media, numerous young people in particular primarily use the Internet.

Nevertheless, around 44.3 million Germans use print products such as flyers, brochures and magazines.

If customers are addressed directly using print products, this has a positive effect on their buying behavior. If the print products are then additionally provided with coupons, vouchers or samples (samples), they look a lot more attractive for business customers as well as for end consumers.

Nowadays it is important to be creative if a broad customer base is to be acquired. To get the necessary attention from readers, a strong message and an eye catcher are required. Within a few seconds, the print product (and almost every other medium too) has to arouse interest. Whether established or new companies, print advertising continues to be one of the most reliable sources of information - if only because the information is available in a mix of online and offline media.


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